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Parent Letter via Blackboard on January 8, 2019

January 8, 2019

Parents and Guardians,

Happy New Year!

We are excited to start the New Year with your children beginning the spring semester of their freshman year of high school!  All of our students return from winter break tomorrow, January 8th. All students will need to report to their fall semester’s 1st period classrooms. Spring semester schedules will be handed out at that time.

If your child was not able to take their fall semester exams it is crucial that they take them within the next two weeks.  Your student should report to the library directly after school on the days listed below to make up their exams.  Late buses will be available on these days. Due to make up exams, our spring semester tutorials will begin on January 22nd.

Make-Up Exam Dates:

Tuesday, 1/8

Thursday, 1/10

Monday, 1/14

Tuesday, 1/15

Thursday, 1/17

On Wednesday, January 9th, all 9th graders will be taking their English I district benchmark test. We are shutting down our campus periods 1-4. All students will need to report to the CHS9 campus by 7:10 AM. Please plan accordingly.

Testing rooms are posted throughout our building. Our English teachers will be going over this information with their classes tomorrow. After the test on Wednesday we will go directly to 5th period and then complete a regular school day. Shuttles will run for both 5th and 7th period on January 9th.

It is an honor to work with you in helping your child reach their full potential! Thank you for all your support! 

Bryan Gorka