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Tutorials & Late Bus Registration

Important Information For Freshmen

Tutorials: At the Ninth Grade campus, students can stay for afterschool tutorials with a pass from their teacher. Information regarding Ninth Grade Campus tutorials can be found here: Click here for CHS9 Tutorial Info

Students that have an appointment to stay for tutorials will need to be picked up by a parent or guardian at 3:30. Students that do not have a ride will need to register for the CISD Late Bus.

Please register your student for the late bus here  Late Bus Registration 

CHS9 Virtual Student Tutorials

In order to maintain a safe environment, we wanted to add another layer of security for opening our building to virtual students.

We will ask that any virtual student that has an appointment meet in the front office.  They will need to complete a Covid Screen form.  We will then have a staff member with the Google Form information bring the student/students to your classrooms.

Virtual students with an appointment can come to your classroom for an in-person tutoring experience.  With teacher approval, they may also go to the library computer lab to have a test proctored. For testing purposes, please complete the form 48 hours in advance so that our staff working in the library is prepared to handle the testing situation.

Virtual students are not eligible to ride the bus. Therefore, they will need to be escorted to the front of the building and picked up at the conclusion of the tutorial time of 3:30.

The purpose driving virtual students was the families’ concern regarding Covid-19. Therefore, virtual students might not want to attend.  We are not forcing them.  However, we want to make the option available if it will better serve our students.

Tutorials for virtual students is not designed to be a one-hour replacement for the 7.5 hours of in-person instruction that was missed.  It is an opportunity for extension, remediation, and re-teaching.


We will continue to adjust our module to accommodate our teachers and students.