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Alert Phone Outage

Due to an issue with an outside phone/internet service provider, calls to Conroe 9th Grade Campus may not be received. Anyone trying to reach CHS-9 during this time should call 936-760-8305​. The vendor is working to correct the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Virtual Learning Lab

The Virtual Learning Lab is a unique, innovative, online team-teaching approach to educate high school students. This program is designed for credit recovery and is a tool counselors and administrators use to help students get back on track with their cohort.

The Virtual Learning Lab is not just an academic recovery program or a dropout prevention/recovery program. It is a classroom team of teachers exhausting all means available to ensure the success of their students.

If you use assistive technology and experience difficulty accessing the information below, please contact your teacher.

Click here to access the Virtual Learning Lab login.