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Alert Phone Outage

Due to an issue with an outside phone/internet service provider, calls to Conroe 9th Grade Campus may not be received. Anyone trying to reach CHS-9 during this time should call 936-760-8305​. The vendor is working to correct the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Conroe 9th Grade High School


Associate/Assistant Principals


AP / Counselor Secretaries

Principal – Mr. Meyer

Campus Secretary – Mrs. Von Quintus

Assistant Principals:

  • Mr. Roger Holtkamp (A-E)
  • Dr. Julia Trevino (F-LOP)
  • Mr. Jason Milo (LOQ-RIM)
  • Mrs. Kim Sprayberry (RIN-Z)


  • Mrs. Melanie Bailey (A-E)
  • Mr. Ben Rucker (F-LOP)
  • Mrs. Kris Canestorp (LOQ-RIM)
  • Mrs. April Castille (RIN-Z)


  • Ms. Patricia Terreo (A-LOP)
  • Ms. Genesis Corvera (Lop-Z)